【Enjoy for wine】

Most of our wine is carried in reefer transport from the trust definitive importer. After our shop get the wine, we stock it the wine cellar as soon as possible. We have thorough quality control. After your wine is delivered Please let it rest without drink two to three days. Because the wine needs the time to calm down.

【How to order】

*We are membership shop. You need to register your information first before you order.
*We will present 300point for you at the first registration and introducing new customer.
*After you order, you get the e-mail from Vineyard. If you can't get the e-mail from Vineyard, Please check the spam or make sure your order again at online shop.
*Both wine and wine accessories are not included tax
*We use Kuroneko -Yamato for delivery.
*Free shopping service does not apply when using the concieruge service.
*Please refer to the detail of the shipping charges for wine accessories and wine. You will see the details when you click “Order” on the top page.
*Up to 12 bottles in the order of 1 time  Kuroneko-Yamato cool delivery is up to 9 bottles.
*Over 13 bottles will be charged for one more box. Kuroneko-Yamato cool will be over 10 bottles
*Free, charged gift paper bags and boxes are available. 〈Please choose it from our website “Gift”/ Free bag is one for each item.〉
*Kuroneko Yamato cash on delivery payment service (currently under preparation) will be charged by the customer depending on the order fee. Cash on delivery fee is less than 10,000 yen 330 yen, less than 30,000 yen 440 yen, 30,000 yen or more 660 yen, 100,000 yen or more and less than 300,000 yen 1,100 yen.
*There is always few stock in our shop because of quality control. You may wait for your order. We kindly ask for your understanding.


*You use the inquiry form when you have some questions but we only have it in Japanese.
*You write down #1~#4 and directly send our e-mail address as follows.
1: Name:
2: Mail Address:
3: Inquiry:
4:Have you read the Personal Information Protection Law in English? : Yes or No
Our mail address: re@star88.jp


Sat. Sun. Mon. and holidays are closed (Irregular holiday will be informed)

【Open Hour】

Open Tue.-Fri. (You can order anytime on our web)

【About Point】

*We will give you 1% point of item.
*You can use the points for wine and wine accessories and shipping fee on our shop.
*You could get 300points for the first registration and introduce new customers to Vineyard.
*The point will be everlasting however, you can use the maximum amount is 15,000 points.
*Please contact us using inquiry form If you would like to buy wine and wine accessories that there are not on our shop.

【How to pay】

Bank Information 
・Account Holder Name: Vineyard

・Bank of Name: Mitsubishi UFJ
Bank code: 0005
Branch code: 825
Branch name: Osaka Kyobashi
Account Number: (saving account) 0145912

・Bank of Name: Mitsui Sumitomo
Bank code: 0009
Branch code: 139
Branch name: Keihan Kyobashi
Account Number: (saving account) 2180309
*Bank of Mitsui Sumitomo can use only Internet Banking

・Bank of Name: Japan Post Bank
Branch code: 408 Account Number (saving account) 8113875

*Bank transfer fee is not included in the amount. Please burden it at your expense.

・SQUARE Credit Card Service Avairable only purchasing online shop  Visa, Master, Diners, American express

・Cash on delivery
A handling fee will be charged at the customer's expense depending on the order fee. Cash on delivery fee is less than 10,000 yen 330 yen, less than 30,000 yen 440 yen, 30,000 yen or more 660 yen, 100,000 yen or more and less than 300,000 yen 1,100 yen.

【How to deliver】

Pick up Date: Tue.-Fri. (Please let us know If you need other day.)
*after payment is confirmed
*We offer free delivery for order over ¥18,000 (including tax)
*For order under ¥18,000 (including tax), delivery fee will apply.
*Delivery in Kuroneko-Yamato will be ¥920~(including tax)
*Please refer to the detail of the delivery charges
*Request for delivery in cool delivery from May 1 to September 30
*The wine of leakage and deterioration without specification of the Kuroneko-Yamato cool delivery can not be returned from May to September.
*One box will charge as cool flight add on the delivery fee.
*One box means Max of 12 bottles.
For example: you buy over 12 of wine. You will pay for the delivery fee and cool delivery fee for more one box.
*Mixed loading is available you choose many kinds of wine at one time.

Kuroneko-Yamato Delivery
Region Area Delivery Fee
(including tax)
1~3bottles ~6bottles ~12bottles
Hokkai-do・Okinawa Hokkai-do・Okinawa ¥2,200 ¥2,500 ¥2,800
Tohoku Aomori・Iwate・Akita・Miyagi・Yamagata・Fukushima ¥1,250 ¥1,485 ¥1,705
Kyusyu Fukuoka・Saga・Nagasaki・Oita・Kumamoto・Miyazaki・Kagoshima ¥1,023 ¥1,265 ¥1,485
Tokyo・Saitama・Kanagawa・Chiba・Ibaraki・Tochigi・Gunma・ Shizuoka・Yamanashi・Nagano・Niigata・Toyama・Ishikawa・Fukui・Gifu・Aichi・Okayama・Tottori・Shimane・Hiroshima・Yamaguchi・Kagawa・Tokushima・Ehime・Kochi ¥1023 ¥1,265 ¥1,485
Kinki Osaka ¥920 ¥1,155 ¥1,375
Nara ¥920 ¥1,155 ¥1,375
Kyoto Kyoto-city・Uji-city・Kyotanabe-city・Nagaokakyou-city・Muko-city・Joyo-city・Yawata-city・Kizukawa-city・Otokuni-gun・kuse-gun・Tsuzuki-gun・Soraku-gun ¥920 ¥1,155 ¥1,375
Hyogotd Kobe・Amagasaki・Ashiya・Nishinomiya・Takarazuka・Itami・Kawanishi ¥920 ¥1,155 ¥1,375
Wakayama Wakayama・Hashimoto ¥920 ¥1,155 ¥1,375
Mie Nabari・Iga ¥920 ¥1,155 ¥1,375
Shiga ¥920 ¥1,155 ¥1,375

Cool Delivery Fee Please add on the delivery fee. Please use cool delivery From May 1~September 30 for wine

The number of bottle Cool delivery fee
(including tax)
1〜3 ¥220
4〜5 ¥330
6〜9 ¥660

*One destination will be max 12 bottles of one carton box.
*One destination will be max 9 bottles of one carton box for cool delivery (Over 10bottles will be charged for one more box)
*If you need over12 bottles or 9 bottles for cool delivery, Please let us know.
*Delivery fee for wine accessories will be the same price as Yu-Pack delivery fee of 1~2 bottles.
*We can’t deliver wine accessories in the same box of the wine you order. You need pay for another delivery fee for it. If we can deliver in the same box, we will e-mail you as soon as possible. In this case, delivery fee will be deducted. We need time to inform you 1~2days.
*Cool delivery is necessary for wine from May 1 to September 30. We doesn’t accept for leakage, deterioration if you don’t use it. One destination will be max 9 bottles of one box (Over 10bottles will be charged for one more box)
*You will be charged for another delivery fee If you need another day to deliver even it will deliver the same address.
*We offer free delivery and cool fee for one carton box when you order over ¥16,000(not including tax)


Consumption tax of 10% in addition to the each item


Please contact us

【How to return】

*Our shop doesn’t accept customer requests for returns or exchanges.
Also, our shop doesn’t accept wine that you don’t use Kuroneko-Yamato cool delivery service from May 1~Sep.30. *Corruption, state failure, if it is determined that your order different from the goods, you will return in our shop cash on delivery
*Please contact us by phone within three days after delivery. (Cel :090-4300-1179)
*In any case, you can’t return or exchange If you don’t contact us by phone within 3days after delivery.

Thank you for understanding.

【Return Information】

Shop Vineyard
Address [After you tell our shop,We will tell you where to send]
Tel 090-4300-1179

【Shop License】

Liquor sales manager License
Location of the sales area 3-19 Tennouji-ku, yuhigaoka-cho, Osaka 5340075, Japan
Liquor sales manager Mika Tsutsumino
Liquor Sales Management Training Course Date 2020/07/15
Next of Training date 2023/07/15
Training Organization Name Japan Voluntary-Chain Association

*Minor Drinking Prohibition
*Drinking and Driving is prohibited
*Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can affect the fetus

【The personal information protection policy】

"Vineyard" provides minimum personal information so that everyone can use it with confidence. "Vineyard" pays maximum attention to the protection of the personal information you provided. The way of thinking about "personal information protection" of "Vineyard" is as follows

■ At our shop, regarding the information of individuals, organizations and corporations registered by members, We will only use it to develop and provide state-of-the-art functions and services in "Vineyard" and pay close attention to the protection of members' personal information.
■ The scope of application of this privacy policy is only the service provided by "Vineyard".
(The range is specified in the following paragraph 1 below)
■ We will not use for any purpose other than the purpose except as stated in this contract. (The object is specified in the following paragraph 2)
■ We will not disclose to third parties, except as stated in this contract. (Management is specified in the following paragraph 2 below)
■ Miscellaneous Perform regular management in accordance with the method stipulated in this agreement periodically.
■ "Vineyard" can change the privacy policy without the permission of the user

When "Vineyard" changes the content of personal information acquisition, changes the usage method, changes the contents of disclosure, etc., we will disclose it to the announcement of our website so that the user can know the contents, We will notify you by reflecting it in this privacy policy.

1. Scope to which the concept of 'Vineyard' privacy policy is applied
■ The idea on the privacy policy of "Vineyard"
It applies when members use "Vineyard" service.
■ Personal information collected when members use the service of "Vineyard"
It is managed according to the way of thinking about protection of personal information of "Vineyard".
■ Vineyard's Personal Information Protection Concept, "Vineyard" is offered directly
Service only, services of other organizations and companies connected by links etc. are out of scope.
■ The use of "Vineyard" service shall be done at the user's own risk.
"Vineyard" assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of various information acquired from our homepage and other websites where links are set on this website.

2. Collection and use of personal information of "Vineyard"
In "Vineyard", in order to develop and provide state-of-the-art functions and services to members, Several pieces of personal information are required about the member.
■ Please manage the shop ID and password at your own risk.
- Passwords are changed periodically, and names and birthdays that others are easy to infer, We recommend that you avoid telephone numbers.
- Also, please do not disclose, lend, transfer even acquaintances, friends etc.
- Please do not write the password to inquiry mail or Q & A on our website.
■ The collected personal information will be used only to the extent necessary to provide "Vineyard" service and will not be provided to any third party except in the following cases.
■ When there is consent of the member
- When sending an e-mail requesting consent on the use of personal information from members
- Companies that have concluded a confidentiality agreement with us in advance (for example, outsourcing parties)
When disclosing to the extent necessary for - E-mail, advertisement for advertisement of our company or our business partner etc., When sending a direct mail
- The act of the member in "Vineyard" is "Vineyard" policy · announcement, In case of violating the Terms of Use of "Vineyard", if it is deemed necessary for protecting the rights, property of other members, third parties or our company
- In cases where the disclosure of personal information is requested pursuant to the provisions of other laws, such as courts, administrative agencies, etc, or in case of criminal investigation, elimination or prevention of infringement of rights against third part, or other similar cases
■ Members shall agree in advance about the use of personal information in the manner specified above, and shall not state objections.
■ In addition, "Vineyard" may share personal information with our business partner in the following cases.
- There are business reasons such as special services for members.
In this case, we ask for the consent of the member before providing the information, we will not provide without consent.
- When making statistical data, market research, data analysis, etc.
In this case, we will only provide information processed so that we can not distinguish specific individuals.

3. Inquiries
If you have any questions about the way of thinking about personal information shown here, Please email us at the address.
Person in charge of information management: [Mika Tsutsumino] (tsutsumino88@gmail.com)